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Amino Acids Water Filtration Essential Oils

Amino Acids - MAP and FundAminos - Pills or Powder... Your Choice!

Both products offer a unique and proprietary blend of the eight essential amino acids the body needs to support and strengthen its muscular, skeletal, enzymatic and hormonal systems. Unlike other incomplete amino acid blends or protein powder supplements, Master Amino Acid Pattern (MAP) and FundAminos have been clinically proven to be rapidly absorbed and fully utilized by the body. As a result, it fuels the body without generating metabolic waste. Research has proven this product to be almost 100% utilized by the body and three times more effective than protein powders in providing your body with the foundational building blocks it needs for optimal cellular function, maintenance and repair.

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FundAminos (30 Scoops/Servings)

  • Absolutely no artificial or synthetic ingredients
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians - Paleo Friendly
  • Contains no gluten or lectins
  • GMO-free
  • Enhanced with CherryPURE and organic berry blend to reduce soreness, speed recovery and support deeper sleep

Note: One scoop of FundAminos is the equivalent of 10 MAP Pills


Master Amino Acid Pattern - MAP (120 count)

  • The original and still going strong
  • Convenient capsules for on the go or for those who simply prefer pills over powder


Aquaspace Water Systems

Aquaspace Water Systems is a leader in the water technology industry. The Aquaspace Compound which is in all of their filtration products is based upon information provided by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. In fact, NASA was so impressed with Aquaspace's development and adaptation of their original research that they asked them to testify before the U.S. Congress as an example of the successful transfer of NASA research to commercial applications. You have to be excited when your tax dollars actually produce something valuable!

We choose Aquaspace not only because of their technical superiority, but because they have been delivering great taste and better health for over a decade. Organizations with high water quality standards like the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's child care center have chosen the Aquaspace system for their water filtration. Also, noted authorities such as Dr. Martin Fox, author of Healthy Water for A Longer Life, recommend their products. They must be doing something right!

Aquaspace offers water filtration products for all levels of home, travel, and business usage.

Below you can purchase a few of the most popular items... AND we are happy to provide you a quote for ANY of the Aquaspace water systems which can be found on the Aquaspace Website.

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Carafe Water Filter

The Carafe is a portable filter that goes wherever you go - your dinner table, the office, even on vacation. It offers you all the benefits of the Aquaspace System at the most affordable price on the market. Rated 'clearly the best' by Choice Magazine. Available in this standard version as well as with combinations of fluoride filtration and alkalization which you can see below.


  • Replacement Filter: CR-100
  • 12 Month Filter


  • Adds Plus Fluoride and Heavy Metal Reduction
  • Replacement Filter: CR-100F
  • 6 Month Filter


  • Adds Ion™ Alkalizing, Remineralizing and ORP
  • Replacement Filter: CR-100/ALK
  • 3 Month Filter


  • Adds Fluoride-Heavy Metal Reduction with Ion™ Alkalizing, Remineralizing and ORP
  • Replacement Filter: CR-100F/ALK
  • 3 Month Filter

Carafe System (Pitcher + Filter)

Replacement Filters

No pitcher included

Aquarius Under Sink Systems

Now you can have the best of both worlds, right under your kitchen sink! The AQUARIUS Under the Sink systems incorporate the patented Aquaspace® Compound Cartridge with the Microbial Ceramic Cartridge. The Aquaspace Filter Cartridge delivers chemical free water while retaining the essential minerals. The Microbial Ceramic Cartridge controls both bacteria and cysts.

All Aquarius systems come complete with a lead free faucet with ceramic valve and installation kit. The unit also has a wall mounting bracket. The lever on the faucet can be left in any position for continuous hands off flow for the washing of vegetables or filling those large pots for boiling water.

Comes with a Chrome Lead Free Faucet, or an optional Brushed Nickel Lead Free Faucet to match your kitchen design. Please specify in Comments during checkout if you prefer the Brushed Nickel faucet. If no specification is made the system will be sent with the Chrome faucet.

AQ-125 (white) and AQ-125-BLK (black)

  • Replacement Filter: AR-100 (Aquaspace) - 12 Month Filter
  • Replacement Filter: AR-900C (Microbial) - 24 Month Filter (cleanable)

AQ-125/AT (white)

  • Adds Hydrating Magnets which reduce the size of water clusters for increased bioavailability of the water
  • Same filters as AQ-125

AQ-135F (white) and AQ-135F-BLK (black)

  • Adds Fluoride and Heavy Metal Reduction
  • Replacement Filter: AR-100 (Aquaspace) - 12 Month Filter
  • Replacement Filter: AR-900C (Microbial) - 24 Month Filter (cleanable)
  • Replacement Filter: AR-100F (Fluoride and Heavy Metal) - 6 Month Filter, includes 2 pack for 12 Months

AQ-135F/AT (white)

  • Adds Hydrating Magnets which reduce the size of water clusters for increased bioavailability of the water
  • Same filters as AQ-135F

Aquarius Under Sink Systems

Replacement Filters

Spring Fresh Shower Systems

We absorb more toxic chemicals through our skin bathing each day than we do by drinking water. Yet, when was the last time you thought about finding a water filter for your shower?

This system easily cleans 12,000 gallons of water for the (SF-100) or 6,000 gallons (SF-350). The filter portion is disposable and is replaced with the back-washable and easily replaceable filter.

The Spring Fresh® Chlorine Reduction Replaceable Cartridge Shower Filtration combines the patented Aquaspace® Compound and the KDF® Technology. Together they reduce chlorine, which causes dry, itchy skin and attacks your hair. They reduce many unwanted chemicals in the water as well, giving a new meaning to the word "clean".


  • 12,000 Gallons
  • Replacement Filter: SFR-100


  • 6,000 Gallons
  • Replacement Filter: SFR-350

Spring Fresh Shower Systems

Replacement Filters