Manning Family Wellness

Services are the heart and soul of Manning Family Wellness. It is through the relationships developed with people just like you that we are able to make a difference together.

Wellness Consultation and Coaching

We work with individuals in the areas of mental wellness, weight loss/maintenance, food sensitivities/allergies, whole food nutrition and supplementation, and fitness. We start with a complementary interview which allows us to determine if we are best suited to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. We also have a strong network of professionals we can refer to for specific needs.

Grocery Store Shopping

Guided shopping trips. Learning how to read product labels. Finding healthy alternatives to less than ideal foods. Learning to make the most of your real food budget. Shop with confidence and achieve your health and wellness goals.

Fitness Consultations and Coaching

Private training sessions in our gym or yours. Strength and cardio exercise routine design. Running or Triathlon event planning and preparation.

Infant Massage Instruction

Learning the art of infant massage is one of the most gratifying and loving activities that you can share with your baby. It is a wonderful way to enrich the parent-infant relationship and provide your baby with a pleasurable form of stimulation that will enhance your baby's overall development.

Wellness Workshops and Presentations

Pick any topic and we'll do the research and put it together. Some topics include: Whole Food Nutrition, Essential Oils, Endurance Sporting Events, and Infant and Child Massage.